Re-Elect Adam Bureau - Our Town, Our Future

Meet Adam

Born in Scarborough and raised in Durham, Adam became a father at a very young age and worked to support his family through various general labour jobs. At the age of 19 he opened his first buy and sell business, CD Traders, in Whitby. Adam ran this business from 1992 to 1996, when he sold the store. 

After selling the store, Adam moved his family to Lindsay, where he continued to work in the Buy and Sell field. During this time-frame he also became a foster parent for Reaching Out Family Homes.

In 2002 Adam was in a serious car accident and had to move closer to a major city for extended treatment and rehabilitation. His family then found a place in Colborne that was big enough for his 3 girls and the family’s 4 foster children.

Adam in front of Cobourg's Buy & Sale
A rewarding and fulfilling period of fostering children allowed the family to have the privilege of caring for over 42 foster children.

After his rehabilitation, Adam decided to open a store in downtown Cobourg called Cobourg’s Buy and Sell in 2008. This store is still in operation today.

Since 2015 Adam has dedicated his free time to help improving our community by joining the Downtown Business Improvement Area, and subsequently running for council in 2018. After a successful election campaign, he has taken these past four years seriously as a community leader.

If re-elected Adam looks forward to continuing to work hard to help improve the town for the residents of Cobourg by making smart and informed decisions that positively impact the people and the community that he calls home. Adam wholeheartedly believes and lives his campaign slogan: Our Town, Our Future!

The Past 4 Years On Council

When I was elected in 2018 I had the privilege of receiving the Arts, Culture and Tourism portfolio, where I quickly learned the boards and committees I would be representing in council. They include the Downtown Business Improvement area, The Cobourg Public Library, The Cobourg’s Farmers Market, The Art Gallery of Northumberland, The Sustainable Climate Emergency Committee, The Poet Laureate Committee, and the Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

I have learned a lot in working with these boards and committees, finding out how each one works, their Mandates and how they improve our community. Each of these committees had problems when the Pandemic. I worked hard in helping each one navigate their individual needs through meetings and representing their interests in council. I worked to ensure the forward momentum and sustainability of each organization. You can find out more about the work I have done further in this website.

Adam speaking outside Victoria Hall
Since restrictions have been lifted, an extra task I took upon myself was to help promote businesses to help them to be successful. I promoted these businesses on social media, and I have done the same for local charities and non-profit groups.

If re-elected I will continue to work hard for all of Cobourg’s residents, this includes continuing as I have always done: listening to your concerns, being available to help navigate any council issues as I have done these past four years. My future goals are to make Cobourg a Safe, Sustainable community, to ensure the success of our businesses, industry and, most importantly, all of you, the residents – the people I hope to continue to represent on council.

Boards, Committees and Accomplishments


  • To declare a crisis in Cobourg on Opioid and drug addiction
  • To create a committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • To have extended patios on all municipal properties for bars, restaurants and coffee shops during the pandemic when indoor seating was restricted
  • To take away the cap on licenses to Taxi Cab businesses and direct staff to create a by law to have ride sharing companies come to Cobourg.
  • To have Pedestrian Friendly Weekends in downtown Cobourg, where our residents can safely shop and dine, during Pandemic restrictions
  • The Christmas Magic Committee


  • Downtown Business Improvement Area
  • Cobourg Farmers Market
  • Cobourg Public Library
  • Cobourg Farmers Market
  • Sustainability Climate Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Civic Awards Committee
  • The Poet Laureate Committee
  • Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • The Christmas Magic Committee
  • Queens Jubilee Committee
Adam Bureau - Councillor



  • Help guide new directors and Chairs of the board as well as new employees
  • Attended every grand opening in downtown and shared any advice or helped navigate any of the rules or regulations for any new business to be successful
  • Became Interim Chair of the board to help lead our downtown through the pandemic
  • Held membership meetings through the pandemic to assist any merchant or service business navigate any of the provincial rules and mandates
  • Promote businesses old or new through social media
  • Bring partnerships to the downtown businesses, for example with The Cobourg Police, The Chamber of Commerce, The Art Gallery and the Farmers Market
  • To assist businesses with any upcoming events


  • Act as a liaison on the Board and bring to Council any concerns the Library may have had
  • Brought forward to council a Memoranda of Understanding between the Library and the Town of Cobourg to ensure accurate funding and Budgeting for both Parties
  • Supported the Library through defending the organization’s budget at the council level.
  • Helped promote their Activities, fund raisers and Programs
  • Helped with strategic planning to ensure the success of the library and to have the best service they can provide to the community


  • Ensured funding to the Gallery in Council during budget periods
  • Advocated for the promotion of the Arts in Cobourg
  • Promoted any new exhibit and represented the Town of Cobourg at the Art Gallery when new exhibits were launched
  • Acted as a liaison to council for the Art Gallery
  • Promoted the gallery through social media and in council
  • Helped create a memorandum of understanding between the Town of Cobourg and the Art Gallery of Northumberland


  • Assisted with yearly Board elections
  • Brought any issues between the Market and the Town to council’s attention
  • Helped during the pandemic on bringing a motion to council on a different operating system, where drive-thru was needed to help farmers sell their goods before the goods went to waste
  • Helped promote different events that the Market was doing through social media and council
Adam Bureau outside Victoria Hall


  • Advocated in council to declare a climate emergency
  • Advocated in council to undergo an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan and Greenhouse Gas Plan
  • Advocated in council to ban all bottled water for sale in any municipal building and provide watering refill stations both indoors and out


  • Helped the committee select winners of the awards
  • Helped plan the annual event


  • Helped the committee select a poet laureate for the town of Cobourg


  • Helped plan the event and promoted it on social media


  • Helped advocate for equal pay in the municipality
  • Helped in the discussions regarding body worn cameras for the Cobourg Police Service
  • Advocated for Pride month in Cobourg
  • Advocated for equal pay for the municipality


  • Helped the committee bring lights back to Victoria Park and Rotary Harbourfront Park


To get in touch with any comments or suggestions, get involved in my campaign
for re-election or to donate:

Phone: 905-376-8151